Kamarg Backpacks - The Austrian Original

Kamarg is how backpacks should be made today: Produced fairly in Europe, with minimal plastic content, extremely durable without built-in obsolescence, with real leather, incredibly comfortable to wear and plenty of storage space. Ideal for a day on the mountain, a picnic on the city beach, a week’s grocery shopping, or an afternoon at the library. Kamarg Backpacks are perfect for your everday life adventure.

Sustainable ● Spacious ● Comfortable ● Water-Repellent

Laptop daypack

Kamarg 59 Green


Kids backpack

Kamarg 32 Blue


Kids backpack

Kamarg 32 Green



Kamarg Raincover


Kamarg backpacks have SUPER POWERS

Sustainability & Circular Economy, SIMPLY DELIVERED

At Kamarg, we believe that sustainability should encompass the entire range and permeate all areas of the company. That’s why we examined every step of backpack production from the point of view of sustainability and circular economy and thought about how we can do it better. From the materials and plastic reduction to extending the life of the product through repair and reuse to recycling.

Sustainability at Kamarg

70 years of backpack experience.

Mr Hubert Wollzenmüller of Kamarg at fabric cutter

Kamarg was founded in Graz, Austria in 1949 to equip Austrian mountain hikers and adventurers with high-quality backpacks. The brand quickly became a bestseller among backpacks in Austria in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1960 Kamarg supplied almost 2,000 sports shops in the Alpine region.

Decades of experience are a clear plus, especially with backpacks, where opportunities for improvement often only become apparent after years. Our backpacks carry the concentrated knowledge of materials and requirements of three generations.

Since the first edition of our daypack in 1949, over 50 documented detail improvements have been made to Kamarg Backpacks in the first phase of our history and over 15 in the second phase. And we don’t stop thinking about further improvements.

That’s why the Kamarg is so easy to wear and so much fun.