How we run Kamarg as a traditional company, what materials and raw materials we use and what we do with them is fundamentally an ethical question. We believe that we have a comprehensive responsibility. A responsibility that we take on anew every day.


Part of this responsibility lies in the quality of the products and how many years these products can be used. Producing high-quality products is a way of showing respect and acting responsibly towards the customer, and therefore the user of our product. A high-quality product can be used for a longer period of time and can fulfill its role as a reliable companion. Maybe that’s even the only right way. We want to set a good example for other backpack brands.
But all of this also has positive consequences in a larger context: longevity means that we need fewer materials and energy, that we have to produce less (which gives us more time to do other things that each and every one of us at Kamarg considers important ) and that we burden this planet with less waste and plastic.

Longterm thinking

Kamarg was founded in 1949 and, after a break of 25 years, is now in its fourth generation of entrepreneurs. We don’t think in terms of collections and quick money, but rather in terms of generations and the goal of making the brand accessible to people for decades to come. We want to reclaim tried and tested things and replace the throwaway society with a better solution (at least when it comes to backpacks, packaging, etc.).
Long-termism is also reflected in the way we approach our customers, employees and trading partners. At Kamarg we always act with fairness, respect and consideration for the needs of others.

Accompanying the way

In the 1960s, Kamarg was one of the first manufacturers to introduce day trip backpacks with the aim of equipping city dwellers for day hikes. Today, our desire continues to be to lead people outdoors and, through our products, to enable them to experience nature, discover new places and find adventure in everyday life. We believe in the power of being outside and in the holistic experience of nature. As companions, we are reliable, but kept to a limited extent because we don’t want to get in the way of moments of adventure.
Our three values – long-term, long-lasting and ongoing – enable us to go to work every day and live up to our comprehensive responsibility.
Our mission: We produce and distribute durable backpacks in a sustainable way to provide people with faithful companions for their daily adventures.
We are Kamarg.