Franz (Re-Founder)

Kamarg Founder

Growing up in the Austrian Alps, I had mountains around me most of my childhood, wandering them, wondering about them. I know about the strength and calmness coming from them, the sense of clarity and direction they can provide.

They have been one of the sources of my adventurous spirit which let me travel around the world, discover new places and meet new people.

They are one of the reason why I work on re-founding Kamarg. The other one is that ever since I found the Kamarg backpack of my father on our attic, I am of the profound belief that something good, something sustainable vanished and that it would make people happy to get access to this product, again.

Currently I live in Munich, where mountains are just half an hour away, working in Marketing for a global brand during day time. Both my dayjob and Kamarg inspire and nurture each other very nicely. I am glad for the opportunity and understanding my company provided me.

For Kamarg I work and collaborate with some amazing people, helping me with design, production, accounting and business planning. Because collaboration comes in when you discover the limits of your own creativity. Watch this space while we extend the team.

Sabine (Designer)

Sabine has been the creative mind and biggest support to Kamarg when we started working on our prototype last fall, helping with sourcing, technical drawings and design improvements.. The trained fashion and customer designer is never short of ideas and brings a true expertise to the team.

Marlene & Carolin (Production)

Marlene has been instrumental in recent months to make our ambition to recreate a high quality rucksack a reality. With her knowledge of sourcing and materials she enabled us to create prototypes close to the originals and even introduce improvements. As Marlene soon will become a mother, Carolin has been taking over her tasks step by step in recent weeks and will steer our final production this Summer.

Johannes (Director Kickstarter Video)

Johannes runs the boutique film production JZO Films and brought his attention to detail and creative vision to our Kickstarter Video as well as supporting us on storytelling. He is the mastermind behind some of our urban adventures that we put our Kamargs through, from biking to picknick to party.